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McKavish, Johnny
Physical Education/ Athletic Director
Afterschool Sports

WRMS athletic team Expectations

We expect everyone on the team to first and foremost HAVE FUN!!!  We want sports to be a positive experience for all of those who participate, and having fun is the key ingredient.  Also, we want the students to be able to experience what it is like to work toward a goal and achieve it, compete against others in a sportsmanship fashion, and learn how to stay fit through athletics the rest of their lives.


This opportunity for a team sports experience would not be possible without the enthusiastic commitment of the students and your support of them as parents.  Unfortunately, neither the school nor the district provides transportation. This means that each parent must provide transportation for their child to and from all away games.  If you cannot provide transportation for your child, then you must personally contact another parent and arrange a ride directly with them. A team roster with phone numbers will be provided for you if you need to make arrangements.  Games start at 3:30 and finish at 4:30.  Students are required to be at the game 15 minutes before the start time.

We are looking forward to a fun season and we thank you for all your support.

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Football Rules

Practice starts:  Sept. 9th

Games:  Sept. 23rd  – Oct. 25th

Coaches: Johnny McKavish (7/8), Greg Oravetz (6)

Flag Football game schedules

6th grade

7th/8th grade


Practice starts:  Sept. 9th

Meets: Tuesdays - Oct. 1st, Oct. 8th @ Osage Park

Coach: Sarah Beck


Volleyball Rules

Practice starts: Nov. 4th 

Games:  Nov. 18th - Dec. 20th

Coaches: Sarah Beck (6), Johnny McKavish (7), Greg Oravetz (8)

Volleyball Game Schedules

6th grade

7th grade

8th grade


Dodgeball Rules

Practice starts: Jan. 6th

Games: Jan. 21st - Feb. 14th

Coaches: Lee Heagle, Greg Oravetz

Dodgeball game schedule


Badminton Rules

Practice starts: Feb. 24th   

Games: Mar. 10th - Apr. 11th

Coaches: Colonel Davis, Jenna Kang

Badminton game schedule


Practice starts: Apr. 28th

Games: May 5th - May 30th

Coach: Johnny McKavish


Track Rules

Practice starts: Apr. 28th

Meets: Thursdays - May 15t & 22nd @ California High School

Coach: Sarah Beck


Ultimate Frisbee Rules

Practice starts: Apr. 28th

Games: May 5th - May 30th

Coach: Lee Heagle

Ultimate Frisbee game schedule